Promoting your work as an independent musician involves many challenges. But with the right marketing strategies, you can overcome these difficulties and have your music reach more people. It is the age of the internet and social media, and by using digital marketing, talented musicians can now become overnight sensations.

If you play your cards right, you could establish yourself as a rising star in the industry. Or maybe, you may even end up going viral on the internet, in which case you’re fast-tracked to becoming a celebrity. 

Unsurprisingly, many aspiring musicians make plenty of common mistakes when trying to promote their work. If you’re not actively playing it smart and learning from other individuals’ mistakes and experiences, you’ll not achieve much as a musician. 

Here are 6 common marketing mistakes that musicians should avoid if they aim to make their promotional strategies successful.

1. Promoting Unfinished Work

Probably, the first thing to ask yourself before getting ready to showcase your work to the world is whether your work is good enough to even begin with. If your music still needs improvements and is underwhelming, there is no point in promoting it.

Chances are you won’t be able to sell yourself because the product you’re selling is not good enough. Remember that the public is highly demanding when it comes to the standards of the music they consume. Before promoting your image as a musician, it is a good idea to first develop your music through practice and learning and building on feedback from your peers, friends, and relatives. It is not wise to spend time, money, and effort on marketing a weak or incomplete product. 

2. Addressing the Wrong Audience 

If you’re an artist who produces pop music, you won’t fare well marketing yourself to metal rock fans. While there are people who enjoy most types of genres, failure in marketing to the people who would be inclined to listen to and enjoy your music would be a pretty pointless move. Make sure that the fans you’re targeting actually like your type of music to begin with. 

3. Being Unoriginal

If you’re promoting your amateur guitar covers of current chart hits, you’ll get lost in the sea of millions of other artists promoting their amateur guitar covers of current chart hits. 

To get your marketing to succeed, you’ve to stand out from the crowd. Make original content and make it good. Think about working in a very specific genre or get creative with a fusion of multiple genres. Out-of-the-box creations will ultimately get your target audience to notice your work. 

4. Failure to Plan Your Marketing Strategy 

Many new artists just wing it or make spontaneous decisions. You won’t get anywhere if you fail to carefully craft your marketing strategy from the very beginning. Goal setting, timelines, and implementation tactics will make it easy to achieve your objectives. Go for tactics that seem most logical and cost-effective. Also, be sure to have contingency plans in place in case a certain strategy fails to deliver the desired results. 

5. Online-Only

The internet is already cluttered with musicians promoting themselves. While promoting your work on online platforms like Spotify and YouTube can help you reach your audience, there’s no harm in supplementing your online promotion with offline promotion. Remember that just marketing your image online won’t cut it. Go offline. Get gigs in your local pub and market yourself on the radio. 

6. Social Media Spamming

The worst thing you can do to yourself when marketing your music is to annoy your audience with spams. Don’t spam your online followers and potential fans with links to your videos and recordings. It comes off as irritating. Share your posts on your social media page or profile but keep your invite links to a minimum.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your music is a lot easier now than it was before, thanks to the evolution of digital marketing. But there’s still a lot that can go wrong, and in such a competitive environment, there is a minimal margin for error. The smallest mistake in promoting your work could ruin your efforts and damage your reputation as an artist. Keep these common mistakes in mind and avoid them if you want your marketing to pay off.  

6 Marketing Mistakes Musicians Must Avoid

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