Here’s How to Find the Ideal Pitch Perfect Kick Sample for Your Next Song

There’s just no denying that the kick drum sample you use in your song is going to act as a foundation, and if you’re kick sample isn’t picture-perfect the odds are pretty good that the song is going to suffer because of it – even if everything else is something special. The thing that makes

Take Your Songwriting to the Next Level with These Music Theory Exercises

It’s a major mistake to confine music theory to the classroom and lock it behind the realm of academics. Sure, you might not hear all that many legendary songwriters talking about music theory as it is taught in classrooms today as the genesis of their inspiration – but that’s because a lot of these creative

Five Key Things You Need to Be Sharing with Your Fans (Besides Your Music)

The old walls that used to separate artists and audiences have crumbled by the wayside completely thanks to social media and other modern means of communication. Obviously, as an artist ,you’re going to want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to get the word out about your music. Your music is going

Choose the Right Mastering Style for Your Mix

Choose the Right Mastering Style for Your Mix Mastering is a critical step to completing your track. You want the master to enhance the qualities of the mix and to make it the best it can be. The mix and master style have to be matched together to get the best results so the music

How to Start a Song

Most musicians start by learning other people’s material but as they start to progress in their skills, they want to write their own songs. Many musicians don’t know how to start writing songs so this guide will help you write your first songs or make your current songs or song ideas even better.   Find

Streaming Music Lessons From Physical Music Formats

Music in the past came in physical formats such as albums, CDs, eight-track tapes, and so on. Today streaming music is very popular. Over the past decade, CDs have seen their sales fall over 80% and even digital downloads are going through the same downturn. Streaming music, on the other hand, has surged. The only

How to Start a New Song or Composition

Every new song or composition has to start from nowhere. You may have released one album or several. You may have just completed a whirlwind tour. You may have been in the industry for ten long years. You would still need to go back and start writing a new song or working on a new

The A to Z Guide for Recording Experiments in the Studio

  Every musician is naturally drawn towards new experiments. That is precisely how one finds their true style. One of the common hurdles of recording experiments in the studio is the dearth of something genuinely new. Inspirations are not elusive but unique ideas are. What a musician may try might have been tried and done

6 Benefits Of Learning A New Instrument

Whenever we start some new music, we tend to reach for the instrument we use the most. This makes sense on a certain level. There is also no rule that says you must learn new instruments. However, there are some appealing benefits to taking on the challenge of learning something that exists beyond your current

How To Avoid The Dreaded Muddy Sound In Your Music

A common complaint amongst those new to mixing music is that the end result winds up sounding muddy. A recording that sounds like this will likely be a recording that lacks essential clarity. At the same time, such a recording is also going to suffer from poor separation between your instruments. This can be frustrating,

Why Buy Spotify Promotion?

There are numerous celebrities, artists, brands, bands and even politicians who pay for social media promotion services. Why do they do it? Perception is the name of the game in a lot of instances, especially for new and aspiring artists. The number of plays, monthly listeners and followers is something that most people look at and that's a big part of the decision to click on their song or the next one. If you are thinking about paying for Spotify promotion, it's probably because you are looking for a way to kickstart your account and get the ball rolling. There is a distinction between buying Spotify plays or followers and buying Spotify promotion. When you pay for followers or plays you get what you pay for - a certain amount of plays or followers. On the other hand, when you pay for promotion you don't know if or amount of plays or followers you will get out of it since you are paying for marketing services performed by a professional and not results.

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