Simple Spotify Playlist Tips That You Should Know

Spotify is known to have been constantly getting new features out . It is because of these features that Spotify is considered to be one of the leading free and paid music platforms that are out there on the market today. The mobile and desktop Spotify applications have been filled with certain tricks that come in handy which can be used to improve the music streaming experience. Now let us look into some of the Spotify playlist tips which you may not be aware of.

  • Dragon and Drop song list:  Spotify at its very core is all about sharing the user’s favourite music with all his friends. It comes as no surprise that Spotify makes things incredibly easy to share different songs and playlists. If a person would like to send someone else a link to any specific song or any playlist from their Spotify account, all they need to do is drop and drag the playlist or the song from Spotify into a new message, document or email. The user needs to make sure that they have both the Windows open side by side.
  • Share music using images:  Spotify has a relatively new feature which allows it’s users to share playlists, tracks, and albums from their phones. This is done with the use of an image that contains the specific code. It is reminiscent somewhat to that of QR codes but much better. The feature has been known to work on Spotify mobile applications. The user needs to navigate to the playlist, album or the track they would like to share and even tap on the menu button which is three dots. The first thing that user gets to see is the album art with their Spotify code directly beneath it. The user can then save the image on their phones or can also let their friends scan it from Spotify in order to share the music. This particular feature of Spotify was announced in the month of May 2017. It is available to both Android and iOS users.
  • Automatically saved discover weekly playlists: One of the ways that Spotify makes it real for the user to discover varied music is with the help of a personalized weekly playlist that is specially prepared for the user itself. The playlist consists of those songs that the user usually listens to. It basically matches the taste of the particular user. The playlist has been known to be updated every Monday. The user instead of losing out the opportunity of all that great music can instead add all 30 songs on the existing playlist. The user needs to open the playlist and then press ctrl+A for Windows and command+A for the Mac. This basically selects all the song which is then dragged into the user’s playlist. The user may also automate the process with the help of IFTTT. This is done so that he never forgets to save any songs. Spotify has been known to have an IFTTT applet. The user can use this to archive their weekly discovery playlist into a personal playlist. The user can then save all of them in Google drive spreadsheet. The user can then get an email which consists of the list of the songs. The user can use the applet if they do not wish to add their songs to a spreadsheet or receive them in an email. This basically adds all the songs to a new playlist which is known as discover weekly archive.
  • Find clean versions of songs or albums: If a person would want to listen to Spotify in the presence of any child then they probably want to make sure that they are listening to the clean and not the dirty versions of the song. The user to make sure that he is adding the clean and not the dirty version of any song to their playlist needs to click on the album title while searching for the song. If in the album page the song is labeled to be explicit then the user needs to scroll down of the list. If the song does have a clean version that is available on Spotify then the user will find a button which says more releases. Opening that particular album will take the user to the clean version of any song.

By following these simple tips you can experiment quite a lot with your Spotify playlist and get more playlist plays and playlist followers.

How to Get your Ultimate Spotify Playlist Placement

So you probably are wondering how Spotify playlist placement works right? Good news – it is not that complex. All you have to do if you are an artist or would like to create your own playlist as a listener you should create a profile where you update your bio and a playlist of the latest music you have released or currently listening to. In this article, we will guide you through on how you can get your Spotify playlist placement.

What you need to know

For Spotify playlist promotion purposes, the playlist or album should contain a minimum of 20 songs featuring various artist and give it a catchy unique name to attract the listeners to your profile.

Music on Spotify is placed through opening an account and through your profile create a playlist with music of the same genre in order to get more plays.

How do you promote your music on Spotify?

  1. Through linking your Spotify profile with other social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and twitter so that your followers can listen to your music.
  2. Just like Snapchat, Spotify has introduced another feature where you have an image with a QR code that your fans and followers can scan directly in their phones and play your music instantly. The code directly opens a link to your music without the need to search for you.
  3. Spotify playlist exchange – this is a forum where people can join and post their playlist. If you have a Spotify username and password you can join this community, comment on other users’ content, or share their content.
  4. You can also engage influencers this is whereby you engage with celebrities that have a huge following such as bloggers share your playlist with them and have them talk about it in their platforms. They can post it severally and this is an ideal way to promote your Spotify playlist
  5. You can also promote your Spotify playlist by creating a website where your share your Spotify follow widget and also have newsletters where you update your playlist and asks fans to listen to your music.

How to increase Spotify plays 

It is quite simple. First, engage with music bloggers or other music sites that have a huge following to help in advertising your Spotify playlist or music. How is this going to work? It is quite easy because all you have to do is engage through their mass following. The influencers then will send emails to a group of music listeners that like the same genre of music as yours.

Secondly, they can do targeted digital advertisements and sponsored placements. This is where anyone who logs to their Spotify profile gets advertisements about your latest playlist or music with a catchy headline to attract the listeners to your music

Another way is through a chain of associates and huge partner lists. This is where your playlist is promoted through online radio stations, music promoters and other various parties this will increase the plays tremendously.

You can also run advertisements till the desired number of plays is hit. This will help listeners access to your music and profile.

Fastest Way to Have your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists

Spotify boasts of having over 50 million paying subscribers. This makes it the ultimate platform for artists to make their presence known and reach a wider audience. If you are lucky to have your music featured on a large Spotify playlist you get new listeners and followers very fast. Actually, more artists are debuting their music on Spotify than on regular radio airplay. So how do you go about it? Allow us to give you a few ideas on having your music featured on popular playlists.

For a long time, Spotify required you to have a minimum of 250 followers for your account to be verified. However, they have since reviewed this view and you can now get verified with less than 250 followers. The blue tick after your name works like a ‘standard mark of quality’ which instills confidence in people and likely to influence them to play or share your playlist. Just to be clear, you do not need to be verified for your content to be included in a playlist, but it helps a great deal.

  • Understand the Spotify algorithm system

Spotify uses an algorithm system whereby music that is almost similar is packaged in the same playlist. So it is of importance that you do your homework, get to know the type of playlists available on Spotify and who to target when you promote your work. Once you have this figured out, you can seek to have your tracks included in as many playlists as possible.

  • Use third-party playlists

Usually, there are playlists created by third parties such as curators, brands, labels, businesses, blogs, and other influencers. You can take advantage of this avenue by sharing your playlist with them and heave them include your playlist in theirs. Thanks to their influence, you can heavily benefit from this option. Also, you can try to include it in Spotify curated playlists if you can, which is usually put together by Spotify editors. All these ways increase your chances of gaining new listeners and followers.

Final thoughts – if at first, you don’t succeed, try again!

This may sound like a cliché, but it is real. If you do not get positive feedback from Spotify editors or third party curators, or if your music does not get featured on the first try, do not give up! Try again and again and eventually you will succeed.


Do you want to Improve your Spotify streaming chances? Here’s how!

The beauty of how Spotify works is that you can create different playlists to suit different moods. Spotify through its editorial team generates user playlists based on different genres.

It is these kinds of playlists that you can take advantage of and get your work noticed! Did you know that Spotify playlists are more than two billion mostly created by other Spotify users? These playlists play a great role in uplifting an artist’s profile. All you have to do is to hack how to get in the system and you are good to go.

So how do you go about it?

  1. If you have a newsletter, e-brochure or any other online marketing material, consider including your Spotify link in your email signature message. This way you may attract people to listen to your content.
  2. If you run a website, you can embed a linking page which can incorporate Spotify playlists or tracks. Also, it can include a clickable button for any interested person to follow you on the platform. When you combine these options you are in control of what and how you interact with your followers in terms of your music content.
  3. Consider promoting your content to other authentic curators. But first, ensure your content is quality and relevant so that by the time you get to them, it will be easy to sell yourself. You also need to be following them and sharing their content because you need to show them you are their fan as well. By building such relationships on Spotify and even other social media platforms, you stand to gain a whole lot.
  4. Always make sure you are within the Spotify rules. What do we mean? Lately, Spotify has been blacklisting curators who are not following the rules as required. If your content is part of this curator playlist, you risk being blacklisted as well. So ensure you work with people or teams that maintain discipline as required.
  5. If marketing and promotion is not really your strength, worry not. You can always reach out to playlisting sites such as Playlists and Soundplate among others.

Final thoughts – share your success story!

Should you get lucky and be featured in one or several playlists – shout about it! It is always good to celebrate even the seemingly small victories. Share the news in your different social media platforms, if it was through a curator – tag them and thank them. This way, your future content will be received more positively and increase your visibility as an artist.


How to Get on a Spotify Playlist

So now you are an artist, or at least you consider yourself one. But you are struggling to get your music played through the usual conventional methods such as radio.

Thanks to new technology and social media, you have another option you can explore – streaming sites or apps such as Spotify. Streaming apps have made it so easy for new or already established artists to get noticed.

All you have to do is do your homework on how you can get the much-needed attention. One of those ways is for your music to be included in a playlist.

Spotify operates through an algorithm method whereby similar music is packaged as a playlist which is then suggested to subscribers as a ‘daily mix’. So how do you go about it? In this article, we will show you a few ways you can make it happen.

  1. Have a collective playlist

As you are aware, there is always strength in numbers. For you to get your name out there, the best way you can do it is by collaborating with other artists and create a playlist. You can also partner with your followers, fans or other people in your industry and put your strengths together.

You can create a playlist and give others the chance to contribute to that playlist by adding, changing or deleting songs. Once you have this in place, do not forget to label it as a ‘collaborative playlist’ in the description. You can share this link with your friends and followers. This improves your chances almost tenfold.

  1. Create your own playlist

This is one of the easiest ways – making your own playlist with your content. By having your own playlist, you have control on what to add, omit or edit as you feel necessary. Once you have it in place you can take advantage of your other social media platforms and share, share, share. For the best chances of your playlist being chosen by the curators, ensure you have at least a minimum of 20 songs.

  1. Be part of a branded playlist

What does this mean? There are companies out there that create branded playlists for their clients and promote them. This is an advantage to you because a third party is now doing the hard work of promotion. Though with this option you will have to be prepared to spend money, it will be worth it in the end.

Final thoughts

We have not exhausted all the options available, but the above-listed ones are a good start. Challenge yourself and see it paying off in the end!