6 Marketing Mistakes Musicians Must Avoid

Promoting your work as an independent musician involves many challenges. But with the right marketing strategies, you can overcome these difficulties and have your music reach more people. It is the age of the internet and social media, and by using digital marketing, talented musicians can now become overnight sensations. If you play your cards

5 Legitimate Spotify Promotion Methods

Most music lovers from across the world rely on online streaming platforms for their daily dose of songs and tunes. And when it comes to music streaming platforms, Spotify is the undisputed king with over 130 million active monthly users. This number speaks volumes about the impact it has had on the music industry in

5 Ways to Make Money From Music

As a new musician with big dreams, you know your life is all about struggling to make it against the odds. And if you’re planning to become a full-time musician, you’ll need some source of income to make it big. The good news is that music is one of the most fulfilling careers, with a

Five Key Things You Need to Be Sharing with Your Fans (Besides Your Music)

The old walls that used to separate artists and audiences have crumbled by the wayside completely thanks to social media and other modern means of communication. Obviously, as an artist ,you’re going to want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to get the word out about your music. Your music is going

Music publishing is easy with our guide

  Are you a songwriter, artist or producer looking to make additional funds out of your songs? We’d be surprised if you answered no to that! Obviously, you are able to go it alone, but after you get to a specific point within your music profession, you could want to get some assistance. This is

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