How To Get More Soundcloud Plays

In terms of understanding how to get more Soundcloud plays, keep in mind that we are talking about a multifaceted approach. Soundcloud is far and away the largest and deepest online music community going today. The upside of that is the sheer size of your potential audience. The downside of that is trying to stand

How to Get More SoundCloud Followers

  There is no way to get thousands of followers on SoundCloud in a day or even a week for a new account, unless you have a song or a special type of composition that takes the site by storm or you are already popular with a substantial following elsewhere that can be migrated. Most

Should you Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers?

  Many people buy SoundCloud plays and followers only to realize there is no ripple effect as expected. There are many users who have benefited with an instant spike in plays and count of followers. It really depends on how and wherefrom you buy SoundCloud plays and followers. There are many companies operating in this

How to Upload Songs to SoundCloud from your iPhone

  This is a comprehensive stepwise guide detailing how to upload songs to SoundCloud from your iPhone. The same guide is also applicable and usable exactly as it is if you are using an iPad. You must have the audio files or songs uploaded to Google Drive ready before you can upload them to SoundCloud.

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