The beauty with how Spotify works is that you can create different playlists to suit different moods. Spotify through its editorial team generates user playlists based on different genres.


It is these kinds of playlists that you can take advantage of and get your work noticed! Did you know that Spotify playlists are more than two billion mostly created by other Spotify users? These playlists play a great role in uplifting an artist’s profile. All you have to do is to hack how to get in the system and you are good to go.


So how do you go about it?


If you have a newsletter, e-brochure or any other online marketing material, consider including your Spotify link in your email signature message. This way you may attract people to listen to your content.


If you run a website, you can embed a linking page which can incorporate Spotify playlists or tracks. Also, it can include a clickable button for any interested person to follow you on the platform. When you combine these options you are in control of what and how you interact with your followers in terms of your music content.


Consider promoting your content to other authentic curators. But first, ensure your content is quality and relevant so that by the time you get to them, it will be easy to sell yourself. You also need to be following them and sharing their content because you need to show them you are their fan as well. By building such relationships on Spotify and even other social media platforms, you stand to gain a whole lot.


Always make sure you are within the Spotify rules. What do we mean? Lately, Spotify has been blacklisting curators who are not following the rules as required. If your content is part of this curator playlist, you risk being blacklisted as well. So ensure you work with people or teams that maintain discipline as required.


If marketing and promotion is not really your strength, worry not. You can always reach out to playlisting sites such as Playlists and Soundplate among others.


Final thoughts – share your success story!


Should you get lucky and be featured in one or several playlists – shout about it! It is always good to celebrate even the seemingly small victories. Share the news in your different social media platforms, if it was through a curator – tag them and thank them. This way, your future content will be received more positively and increase your visibility as an artist.


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