So now you have your perfect playlist ready and you are totally excited about it. But how do you make it popular and accessible with no networks or followers? There are numerous ways to gain followers without too much hustle as we will discuss below.


Link your Spotify profile to your social media profiles


This is probably one of the easiest ways to gain followers. Usually, most people have many friends’ lists or followers in the other popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. When you link your Spotify account to either or all of these pages, you can gain followers through your friends’ followers and their friends’ friends. You get the drift, this sort of works like a ripple effect.


Engage influencers


In the social media world, there are popular people with a large following who influence people about different things in one way or another. These are the ones commonly referred to as influencers. If you have a great playlist you want to share, engage a blogger or influencer and have them talk about it in their platforms. Most of them post twice or more times in a day so it’s an ideal and tested way to gain Spotify followers.


Boost your chances by partnering with playlist curators


You can consider working with some of the popular and trusted curators out there who have been known to get some of the underrated artists to the forefront.  Check out this link for some of the curators you can submit your music or playlist for free. Once they feature your content, you are likely to gain new followers fast.


Spotify playlist exchange


This is a forum created by the Spotify community where people can join and post their playlist. If you have a Spotify username and password you can join this community, comment on other users’ content, or share their content. When you are active in the forum, you have a high chance of gaining new followers as well. All you have to do is give a brief description of your playlist and remember to keep it updated.


Final thoughts – take advantage of what’s trending

If you are one of those people who never waste an opportunity, this is for you. Find out what is trending on various social media platforms, and if it is possible, push your playlist on the trending hashtags. This way, you stand a chance of gaining new listeners and followers. We cannot guarantee it will work 100% but hey, what’s the harm in trying? You have nothing to lose so go for it!

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