By now you are aware that Spotify is the highest streaming music platform globally, or at least going by 2017 statistics where it raked the highest music streaming revenue.


If you are an artist or just a regular Spotify user who fancies having a huge following in that platform, it is important to promote yourself one way or the other.


One of those ways that have become popular in recent years is adding your follower count. If you cannot get them through the conventional way, there is always another option – buying Spotify followers.


But first, why should you buy followers?


Promoting your craft and artistry


Spotify has at least 1 million users streaming music on its platform on any given hour. Spotify is almost on the same pedestal with other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you understand the basics of marketing, you will see why this is a big deal.


Boosts your social media profile


You are likely to get more followers or people listening to your content if you already have a huge following. Potential followers are likely to reason “they must have good music if they have all these followers”. This streaming app offers a great opportunity for you to promote your art and build your social media presence!


Improves your chances of getting signed to a record label


Guess what, there are known cases of small time artists on Spotify getting signed to record labels as a result of huge follower numbers! The more followers you have, the more you will be increasing your fan base.


Alternative source of revenue


Spotify has the subscription feature which allows users to choose their preferred subscription option. If you do your marketing right, you can interest subscribers especially if you have quality content. The more subscribers you attract, the more returns you make. All you have to do is package your content well, and market it to your target audience.


How do you go about it?


First, identify legit buying sites where you are guaranteed of real and quality Spotify followers. This way, you will be getting value for your money while doing it the right way.


In relation to the above, do your homework. If that means reading reviews of such sites before making that decision, so be it. Remember, quality comes before quantity so you should seek to get worthy followers who will engage you or share your content.


Next, ensure you put out quality content worth listening to. It’s not just about getting followers, but ensuring that your followers get entertained. To have your playlists put on top on algorithmic Spotify playlists, you have to produce quality and unique content for your listeners. This way, as you buy Spotify playlist followers, it will be worth it.


Final thoughts


You have often heard it being said that you have to spend money to make money. Though this does not directly relate, it does to some extent. Be ready to invest by buying yourself Spotify followers and soon you will be thanking yourself for it.




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