There is no way to get thousands of followers on SoundCloud in a day or even a week for a new account, unless you have a song or a special type of composition that takes the site by storm or you are already popular with a substantial following elsewhere that can be migrated. Most new artists take months to get noticed by enough users to have a substantial following. Even those who have moderate successes initially will encounter a plateau in some time. How to get more SoundCloud followers does not have an overnight solution and you have to be persistent with a strategy that is working, find new ways to entice more users and then keep satiating them to get the essential plays, likes, and comments.


We shall talk about a holistic approach in this guide. No single approach can help you amass the thousands of followers that you desire. It is possible some of the tips shared here will not have as much of an impact and some may have a better than expected effect on your following. You can use all these tactics to get more SoundCloud followers.


Presuming you have a good song or composition to share, you must have a marketing strategy to reach out to more people. Users will not follow you unless you have the ability to deliver one great composition after another. Users follow artists they want to keep listening to. Your marketing strategy should convey the message that users will be in for a joyride if they follow you. Use blogs, other social media sites and SoundCloud itself to market your profile. There are some users who will find you without any effort from your end. Others will not bother to keep a tab on every new artist on the site.


Give users a reason to follow you. If you have a few tracks and nothing much is happening for users to feel enthused then no one new will be encouraged to follow you. Some users may even stop following you. From planning new compositions to lining them up for release at strategic times, you must really work on your branding and promotion. Users should always have something to look forward to. Not all artists are skilled marketers or self-promoters but in this era of branding, nothing sells itself.


You may consider buying SoundCloud followers. Many artists have done it and some have had great results. You can provide the necessary boost in the initial days and weeks. Users do not like following artists who have few followers. Users across social networks and social media have displayed herd like mentalities. Your following can undergo a swing, positive or negative, depending on how users tend to behave as a large group. Hence, it is worthwhile to consider buying SoundCloud followers. Make sure your entire following is not purchased or deemed to be fake. You must balance inorganic and organic followings.


Seriously consider putting up a gateway or using such a tactic to get people to follow you. Many artists do not like the idea that one must keep sharing music for free without returns. Some artists have used gateways wherein users are provided access to new tracks or popular compositions when they have agreed to follow, like or share first. Users do not mind such gateways when they want to listen to something. You cannot use gateways for all your tracks and throughout the year. There should be sporadic but strategic use of gateways when you need to increase the number of followers.


You should not be a closet artist on SoundCloud. You have to engage with the audience. You must consider engaging with fellow artists too. Acknowledge every contribution, howsoever insignificant it may be. Give credit where it is due, speak with your followers, like and comment, share the works of others so they reciprocate, you should reciprocate as well when other artists like, comment or share your works, be online and check out what is happening, use the information to your advantage and most importantly keep your following content with your creations. The existing following has to play a role in influencing other users to follow you on SoundCloud.


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