In terms of understanding how to get more Soundcloud plays, keep in mind that we are talking about a multifaceted approach. Soundcloud is far and away the largest and deepest online music community going today. The upside of that is the sheer size of your potential audience. The downside of that is trying to stand out in the crowd. Even if you have something truly extraordinary to share with the world, it doesn’t automatically mean that people are going to find it. There are several things you need to do, in order to optimize your potential to get as many Soundcloud plays as possible.

6 Ways To Increase Your Soundcloud Plays

Increasing your Soundcloud plays can seem like a daunting task. To be sure, you are going to need to do a number of different things, in order to make your profile and music easy to find. However, you will also find that these are straightforward tasks that are easy to implement.

To that end, here are 5 proven ways to improve your presence on Soundcloud:

  1. Tags: Using tags relevant to your music is one of the first things you need to keep in mind. This is an essential tool for making sure people can find your music quickly and easily. The better you are at using these tags, the easier it will be for new listeners to discover what you have to offer. Honesty is a good policy here. Stick to the most prevalent genre for your music. Use things like moods and location to create an even clearer impression. In terms of “mood”, we mean what your music evokes.
  2. A buy link: It stands to reason that you want to generate income with your music. That is certainly fair. Likes and listens are obviously great, but they aren’t going to make your music financially stable. Keep in mind that Soundcloud lets you add a “buy” link to anything you upload. Take full advantage of this feature. Make sure to click on that “metadata” tab while uploading.
  3. Taking advantage of waveform: While Soundcloud lets people comment on your waveforms, it shouldn’t end there. You should be commenting on your waveform, as well! The waveform comments feature is a great way to let people in on your creative process. It gives you the ability to connect with people in a deeply personal way. A lot of people are not simply satisfied to hear a great song. They want to know about its evolution. They want you to tell them the story behind the music. You can even use this feature to invite your listeners to weigh in on certain elements of the song. Saying something like “I like the chorus here, but I think it’s missing something” can build your audience in the best way possible.
  4. Album art: While some may think this digital music era has left the art of the album cover to the dustbin of history, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, depending on the type of music you create, aesthetics can be a huge opportunity to take people even deeper into your sounds and ideas. Your album/track art is basically your out-front representative for your music. It can grab someone’s attention and show them exactly what your work has to offer.
  5. Keep the metadata clean: Don’t let your metadata get clogged up with a lot of useless information that no one really wants or needs. It should focus on the most important pieces of information relevant to your music. This can include the artist name, the label, and certainly the title of the track.
  6. Consider a pro account: With a paid account at Soundcloud, you are going to have a number of advantages. If you are serious about your music, and serious about reaching that desired audience, a pro account is pretty much essential. For one thing, it gives you the ability to do things like make changes to your audio after its posted, but without losing all of the likes, comments, and other successes you have accumulated.


There is a reason why Soundcloud is at the top of the heap for online music communities. Their features, ease-of-use, and ongoing popularity make them a must for musicians from all walks of life.

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