So now you are an artist, or at least you consider yourself one. But you are struggling to get your music played through the usual conventional methods such as radio.


Thanks to new technology and social media, you have another option you can explore – streaming sites or apps such as Spotify. Streaming apps have made it so easy for new or already established artists to get noticed.


All you have to do is do your homework on how you can get the much-needed attention. One of those ways is for your music to be included in a playlist.


Spotify operates through an algorithm method whereby similar music is packaged as a playlist which is then suggested to subscribers as a ‘daily mix’. So how do you go about it? In this article, we will show you a few ways you can make it happen.


Have a collective playlist


As you are aware, there is always strength in numbers. For you to get your name out there, the best way you can do it is by collaborating with other artists and create a playlist. You can also partner with your followers, fans or other people in your industry and put your strengths together.


You can create a playlist and give others the chance to contribute to that playlist by adding, changing or deleting songs. Once you have this in place, do not forget to label it as a ‘collaborative playlist’ in the description. You can share this link with your friends and followers. This improves your chances almost tenfold.


Create your own playlist


This is one of the easiest ways – making your own playlist with your content. By having your own playlist, you have control of what to add, omit or edit as you feel necessary. Once you have it in place you can take advantage of your other social media platforms and share, share, share. For the best chances of your playlist being chosen by the curators, ensure you have at least a minimum of 20 songs.


Be part of a branded playlist


What does this mean? There are companies out there that create branded playlists for their clients and promote them. This is an advantage to you because a third party is now doing the hard work of promotion. Though with this option you will have to be prepared to spend money, it will be worth it in the end.


Final thoughts


We have not exhausted all the options available, but the above-listed ones are a good start. Challenge yourself and see it paying off in the end!


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