Spotify is one of the top platforms driving the digital music streaming. As a customer, it indicates you’ve got a huge number of tracks at your finger-tips, but as an artist, how are you able to use it to increase your reach?


Get Spotify for Artists

That’s what you should start with. Improve your artist page, get verified and tell the world who you are as soon as possible.


Use your artist page

This is your home on Spotify. You can add banner and artist photos, links to your social profiles, fill out your bio, sell tickets, tell fans about your next gig and sell merch through it as well.


Before Spotify, you would have to leave your home to sell your music but with this, almost everything is in 1 location.


Spotify Followers

Build a following! Spotify sends out emails to your followers weekly about your new music, any gigs, unique merch or events.


You need to get followers as it increases your probabilities of getting featured in Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists which are personalized and most popular.


Use social media to get people to your artist page

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. are great tools to connect with your fans and find new. Make sure you have links to your artist page and frequently share new releases from Spotify.


Keep your fans engaged

It’s really important to get attention, but when you get it you need to keep them excited. Share your favorite playlists, inspirations, and plans with your followers. It’s an extension of your brand and aids listeners recognize far more about your music and where it comes from.


Measure your impact

You have to use your analytics.  Spotify for Artists helps you find out who’s listening. You’ll be able to track your progress, how many people listened to your music within the last month, how many times someone listened to your songs and much more.


The analytics data also shows leading locations and playlists that allows you to route tours more efficiently to make sure you play to your audience. You can see the size in the audience in every single city which permits you to work out what size venue to book.

How to get the most out of Spotify

Still not a Spotify Star?

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