How to Get your Ultimate Spotify Playlist Placement

So you probably are wondering how Spotify playlist placement works right? Good news – it is not that complex. All you have to do if you are an artist or would like to create your own playlist as a listener you should create a profile where you update your bio and a playlist of the latest music you have released or currently listening to. In this article, we will guide you through on how you can get your Spotify playlist placement.

What you need to know

For Spotify playlist promotion purposes, the playlist or album should contain a minimum of 20 songs featuring various artist and give it a catchy unique name to attract the listeners to your profile.

Music on Spotify is placed through opening an account and through your profile create a playlist with music of the same genre in order to get more plays.

How do you promote your music on Spotify?

  1. Through linking your Spotify profile with other social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and twitter so that your followers can listen to your music.
  2. Just like Snapchat, Spotify has introduced another feature where you have an image with a QR code that your fans and followers can scan directly in their phones and play your music instantly. The code directly opens a link to your music without the need to search for you.
  3. Spotify playlist exchange – this is a forum where people can join and post their playlist. If you have a Spotify username and password you can join this community, comment on other users’ content, or share their content.
  4. You can also engage influencers this is whereby you engage with celebrities that have a huge following such as bloggers share your playlist with them and have them talk about it in their platforms. They can post it severally and this is an ideal way to promote your Spotify playlist
  5. You can also promote your Spotify playlist by creating a website where your share your Spotify follow widget and also have newsletters where you update your playlist and asks fans to listen to your music.

How to increase Spotify plays 

It is quite simple. First, engage with music bloggers or other music sites that have a huge following to help in advertising your Spotify playlist or music. How is this going to work? It is quite easy because all you have to do is engage through their mass following. The influencers then will send emails to a group of music listeners that like the same genre of music as yours.

Secondly, they can do targeted digital advertisements and sponsored placements. This is where anyone who logs to their Spotify profile gets advertisements about your latest playlist or music with a catchy headline to attract the listeners to your music

Another way is through a chain of associates and huge partner lists. This is where your playlist is promoted through online radio stations, music promoters and other various parties this will increase the plays tremendously.

You can also run advertisements till the desired number of plays is hit. This will help listeners access to your music and profile.

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