Launched in 2008 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify is a digital streaming platform which provides DRM protected content from different record labels and media companies. It has an extensive library composed of different forms of media, such as music, video and even podcasts. Spotify operates on a freemium model wherein the basic features are available for free with advertisements, but other features, such as high-quality streaming or downloading music requires a paid subscription.


The evolving Internet has given rise to a number of streaming platforms which has radically changed the music business. But Spotify continues to remain the largest of them all with over 70 million paid subscribers and 40 million songs. The large subscriber base provided by Spotify makes it a great platform for artists to showcase their talent and build a large following. A multipronged approach by record labels and artists on promoting their music on Spotify can go a long way in gaining more listeners.


This guide lists a couple of ways in which you can promote your music on Spotify.


Join Spotify for Artists: To promote your music on Spotify, first, you need to join Spotify for Artists. This puts you in charge of your page where you can share your own music with other users and build a fan base. The Spotify for Artists page also furnishes you with useful information regarding your listeners and followers, such as geographical location, demographic data, music preferences and many more. Some other additional features include the ability to get the profile ‘verified’, customizing the profile and advanced playlist features.


Verification of your account: It is absolutely essential that you get your profile verified by Spotify. You’ll know an artist’s profile is verified when there’s a blue checkmark on it. This seal of authenticity serves multiple purposes. It lets the listeners know that you are a real deal and brings more attention to your tracks. A blue checkmark sets you apart from the rest of the user accounts.


Embed the Spotify follow button on your website: Once you’ve gained a substantial number of listeners, your next task should focus on converting these listeners into your followers. Embedding a Spotify follow button on your webpage will make it easier for your listeners to find you and follow you on Spotify. Increasing your followers on Spotify is the best way to bring more attention to your music and build a loyal fan base. If you release new music, Spotify makes sure that your followers see your new album or track in their Release Radar Playlist, in their mail and featured in their Spotify app. Moreover, if you’re touring in a particular area, your followers get to see the tour dates in the ‘Concerts’ section.


Curate artist playlist: Playlist curation is a new tool of music promotion used in streaming platforms such as Spotify. This trend entails creating music playlists based on moods, genres, and Most marketing experts agree that playlist curation is one of the easiest ways to reach millions of listeners and one of the greatest marketing tools on Spotify. While creating a playlist, you must include the label which represents you, artists who can bring attention to your music and your own music. If you’re unsure and confused, you can also take help from external websites which provide playlist curation services.


Share on social media accounts: After you’re done curating your playlist, share it on all your social media pages. Spotify playlist can be easily embedded in a website, blogs and shared on your social media accounts. You can paste song, album, or playlist links right into Facebook’s status box. Twitter is another great platform to get the word out about your playlist. When you share a Spotify link on Twitter, it will create a custom, playable audio card which allows your followers to listen to the songs right there. Also, don’t forget to tag other artists or use hashtags.


Advertise: You can advertise on Spotify with the help of Spotify Ad Studio. It is an advertising platform which makes it easy for artists to create audio ad campaigns on Spotify. Ad Studio allows you to create audio ads which will be heard by listeners of the Spotify Free service during ad breaks between songs. Each of these ads needs to be either 30 seconds or less. The ads should also to contain a clickable image which will be shown during the ad.


This article mentions the multiple ways in which you can leverage Spotify to promote your music. We hope that this guide will help you bring more attention to your music and gain a large following.

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