Upload Songs to SoundCloud from your iPhone


This is a comprehensive stepwise guide detailing how to upload songs to SoundCloud from your iPhone. The same guide is also applicable and usable exactly as it is if you are using an iPad. You must have the audio files or songs uploaded to Google Drive ready before you can upload them to SoundCloud. You are perhaps aware that SoundCloud only permits the upload of audio files from Google Drive when you are using a mobile browser. You cannot access local files and upload directly. Other than this you do not need any other prep but of course the audio files that need to be uploaded.


Unlock your iPhone and look for the Safari icon. Open the app or browser. If this is your first time using Safari, an iPad or an iPhone and you are unaware of the icon, simply go for the blue compass. You may also use Firefox or Chrome. SoundCloud can be accessed using any popular mobile browser.



You must already have an account on SoundCloud to upload songs. If not, then you can create one by going to the site and following the instructions. If you are using a browser other than Safari, you must ensure you can access the desktop version of the SoundCloud page. You have to log in to your account.


You can directly type in www.soundcloud.com/upload in the address bar of Safari or other mobile browsers. If you are using Safari, you can use the Go option displayed as a blue button. You may tap on the image and you will get the popup menu. You must swipe left at the bottom and then choose the desktop site. This option is between Find on Page and Print buttons. It looks like a traditional monitor. The page will reload and you will get access to the desktop version of SoundCloud on your iPhone or iPad.



On Firefox or Chrome, you can tap on the three dots vertically lined up on the top right. You can choose the desktop version from the menu that appears. As you get the desktop version, you may want to change the layout to landscape. The view is a tad better since it is the desktop site. An upload can be initiated by tapping the orange button placed on the upper left corner. Sign in using your credentials or you may link the login with a social media account.



There is a standard option that lets users choose a particular file for upload. The orange button will lead to a popup menu. You can choose the location of the audio file. You need to choose Google Drive. You are perhaps aware of the icon of Google Drive. It is a yellow and green triangle with blue edges. You will be redirected to Google Drive where you can access all the uploaded or stored files.


You should be automatically logged into Google Drive if you are already accessing email or signed in to Chrome on the iPhone. Else, you must use your Google id and password, usually the email as the username. Choose the audio file and tap on it to initiate the upload. You can browse as many files as you want and upload them to SoundCloud. Once you tap on an audio file, you will be redirected to the upload page on the desktop version of SoundCloud, which is basically where you were prior to getting to Google Drive.



You can choose a title. There is a permissions form where you can enter the text you want. You can also choose genre, provide a description and mention tags. Save the song and it will be uploaded to your SoundCloud profile. Repeat this process when you want to upload another audio file.


SoundCloud is also available as an app. There are plenty of user-friendly features aimed at simplifying the experience of both artists and the audience. You can sync your account on the app and the desktop version of course but try to avoid using third-party apps that claim to work seamlessly with the platform or with your iPhone. It is unnecessary to use an app to upload songs to SoundCloud.

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