Streaming music is the current wave of listening to music especially among the millennials. It is even more popular than physical downloads and it has become the fastest way to discover unknown artists.


So, it is no longer a surprise that artists are now venturing into this territory to promote their craft. If you are one of those artists, you are on the right track. Do not pay attention to the negative reports about this being a difficult path. If you plan well and follow your plans, promoting your content on Spotify is certainly achievable.


So how do you go about it?


Building up your profile


As with any other business, building your profile goes a long way in marketing yourself. When building a brand, you have to put together your content well; in this case, your music and playlists. You can share or link your profile with your other social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and ask your friends or followers to follow you on Spotify. Also, you can try to get your account verified by Spotify which will a major boost to you. Lately, you only need 250 followers to get verified.


Have an active online presence


You cannot consider yourself a serious artist if release your content to your followers once every three years. There is so much competition out there with other artists releasing their craft regularly. To stay on top of your game, you have to be active online so that your followers do not forget you. You can achieve this in several ways including releasing videos, promotional images, go live once in a while, and link your Spotify account to your other social media accounts, among many other options.


Create a quality playlist for your followers


You can start with the artist content your followers are familiar with and then gradually introduce new content in your playlist. That way you will engage your followers in a much more meaningful way and you stand higher chances of your playlists being selected more frequently. Create a quality playlist, update it regularly and if possible, provide your content to other playlists too.


Final thoughts

Spotify is a ‘giant’ in the streaming industry and if you want to be a success story you have to be more than pro-active. If your goal is to be discovered, or grow your artist platform, Spotify is the ‘go-to’ platform that you need to share your art. The sooner you start your promotion, the better it will work for you!

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