Many people buy SoundCloud plays and followers only to realize there is no ripple effect as expected. There are many users who have benefited with an instant spike in plays and count of followers. It really depends on how and wherefrom you buy SoundCloud plays and followers. There are many companies operating in this niche but they do not offer the same kind of service. Be aware of the extensive use of bots that can jeopardize your actual following if it becomes apparent you have been buying plays and followers. Nothing is a substitute for good art and it is the biggest strength of an artist.

Soundcloud plays followers

The Pros of Buying SoundCloud Plays and Followers



The most obvious benefit of buying plays and followers is the immediate head start you get. It is painful to wait for hours, in some cases days and even weeks, to get the first few plays. Your production can have zero plays for weeks if you do not have any following. Even those with modest following do not get as many plays. The same users following you are also keeping track of others and they may be more interested in works of other artists. Buying plays and followers on SoundCloud can definitely gear you up for more traction.


Buy SoundCloud plays and followers to establish and then develop your credibility. Popularity is basically a social currency. Plays and followers are the coins of such a currency on sites like SoundCloud. The more you have, the more popular you are perceived to be. Users will get drawn to songs that have more views. Users are more likely to follow artists who already have a great following.


The number of plays, your following and resulting social credibility or popularity will pave the way for more attention. The media will take note of your profile and work. Record companies may directly contact you. If not, then there will be agents who will want to represent you. It is up to you how to steer your subsequent journey but these are possible outcomes of buying and as a result having substantial SoundCloud plays and followers.


You can buy SoundCloud plays and followers to make your productions go viral. Often, some creations need a bit more publicity or just an effective nudge to transform it from really good to viral. There are some creations that will go viral on their own. Others need a bit of fillip. More activity facilitated by the increasing plays and followers will initiate a conversation. This will further boost your popularity and get you noticed.


The Cons of Buying SoundCloud Followers and Plays



You may buy SoundCloud followers and plays but the desired outcomes may be elusive. This may be owing to many reasons. One problem common in his niche is lack of adequate targeting. It is not possible for you to control who is actually playing your song or who is following you. It is absolutely possible that the plays or those following you are scattered all over the world. The users may not be influential given their standing on the site. The plays may not be truly indicative of any popularity and that may become obvious to some users.


Many artists buy SoundCloud plays and followers, presuming there is nothing more to be done. This is an unwise approach. Buying plays and followers on SoundCloud is one aspect of the overall strategy. An artist must still promote and market their brand. It is impossible to substitute marketing with just a few purchased plays and followers or even likes and comments. For the traction to be sustainable and to eventually become organic, an artist must have a robust marketing strategy and different tactics should be used rather effectively to consolidate the growing popularity.


The practice of buying plays and followers on SoundCloud is frowned upon. The site does not like it, many artists do not prefer it and users may feel mislead to believe that a work of art is actually good or popular. It is best to strategize how many plays and followers you want to buy. There has to be a realistic mix of purchased and organic plays and followers. Don’t overdo it as chances of the strategy backfiring are high.



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