Spotify is known to have been constantly getting out new features. It is because of these features that Spotify is considered to be one of the leading free music and paid platforms that are out there on the market today. The mobile and desktop Spotify applications have been filled with certain tricks that come in handy which can be used to improve the music streaming experience. Now let us look into some of the Spotify tips which the user may not be aware of. These tips make Spotify much better to use. They include:


Dragon and Drop song list: Spotify at its very core is all about sharing the user’s favourite music with all his friends. It comes as no surprise that Spotify makes things incredibly easy to share different songs and playlists. If a person would like to send someone else a link to any specific song or any playlist from their Spotify account, all they need to do is drop and drag the playlist or the song from Spotify into a new message, document or email. The user needs to make sure that they have both the Windows open side by side.


Share music using images: Spotify has a relatively new feature which allows it’s users to share playlists, tracks, and albums from their phones. This is done with the use of an image that contains the specific code. It is reminiscent somewhat to that of QR codes but much better. The feature has been known to work on Spotify mobile applications. The user needs to navigate to the playlist, album or the track they would like to share and even tap on the menu button which is three dots. The first thing that user gets to see is the album art with their Spotify code directly beneath it. The user can then save the image on their phones or can also let their friends scan it from Spotify in order to share the music. This particular feature of Spotify was announced in the month of May 2017. It is available to both Android and iOS users.


Automatically saved discover weekly playlists: One of the ways that Spotify makes it real for the user to discover varied music is with the help of a personalized weekly playlist that is specially prepared for the user itself. The playlist consists of those songs that the user usually listens to. It basically matches the taste of the particular user. The playlist has been known to be updated every Monday. The user instead of losing out the opportunity of all that great music can instead add all 30 songs on the existing playlist. The user needs to open the playlist and then press ctrl+A for Windows and command+A for the Mac.This basically selects all the song which is then dragged into the user’s playlist.


The user may also automate the process with the help of IFTTT. This is done so that he never forgets to save any songs. Spotify has been known to have an IFTTT applet. The user can use this to archive their weekly discovery playlist into a personal playlist. The user can then save all of them in a Google drive spreadsheet. The user can then get an email which consists of the list of the songs. The user can use the apellet if they do not wish to add their songs to a spreadsheet or receive them in an email. This basically adds all the songs to a new playlist which is known as discover weekly archive.


Find clean versions of songs or albums: If a person would want to listen to Spotify in the presence of any child then they probably want to make sure that they are listening to the clean and not the dirty versions of the song. The user to make sure that he is adding the clean and not the dirty version of any song to their playlist needs to click on the album title while searching for the song. If in the album page the song is labeled to be explicit then the user needs to scroll down of the list. If the song does have a clean version that is available on Spotify then the user will find a button which says more releases. Opening that particular album will take the user to the clean version of any song.


By following these simple tips you can experiment quite a lot with your Spotify playlist.

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