How to Start a Song

Most musicians start by learning other people’s material but as they start to progress in their skills, they want to write their own songs. Many musicians don’t know how to start writing songs so this guide will help you write your first songs or make your current songs or song ideas even better.   Find

Streaming Music Lessons From Physical Music Formats

Music in the past came in physical formats such as albums, CDs, eight-track tapes, and so on. Today streaming music is very popular. Over the past decade, CDs have seen their sales fall over 80% and even digital downloads are going through the same downturn. Streaming music, on the other hand, has surged. The only

How to Start a New Song or Composition

Every new song or composition has to start from nowhere. You may have released one album or several. You may have just completed a whirlwind tour. You may have been in the industry for ten long years. You would still need to go back and start writing a new song or working on a new

The A to Z Guide for Recording Experiments in the Studio

  Every musician is naturally drawn towards new experiments. That is precisely how one finds their true style. One of the common hurdles of recording experiments in the studio is the dearth of something genuinely new. Inspirations are not elusive but unique ideas are. What a musician may try might have been tried and done

6 Benefits Of Learning A New Instrument

Whenever we start some new music, we tend to reach for the instrument we use the most. This makes sense on a certain level. There is also no rule that says you must learn new instruments. However, there are some appealing benefits to taking on the challenge of learning something that exists beyond your current

How To Avoid The Dreaded Muddy Sound In Your Music

A common complaint amongst those new to mixing music is that the end result winds up sounding muddy. A recording that sounds like this will likely be a recording that lacks essential clarity. At the same time, such a recording is also going to suffer from poor separation between your instruments. This can be frustrating,

Music publishing is easy with our guide

  Are you a songwriter, artist or producer looking to make additional funds out of your songs? We’d be surprised if you answered no to that! Obviously, you are able to go it alone, but after you get to a specific point within your music profession, you could want to get some assistance. This is

What You Need To Know About Music Copyright

  It isn’t hard to understand, on a basic level, why music copyright is so important. Copyright remains the most effective way of ensuring you are paid for your music over the long-term. It also gives you a measure of protection over the music you have worked so hard to create. At the same time,

How To Get Verified With Apple And Spotify

Eventually, you will want to take your music to the next level. This means getting your stuff out there on such hubs as Spotify and Apple Music. While you can upload your tracks without any trouble, the demands do not end there. If you want to maintain control of your information and works, while also

How to get the most out of Spotify

Spotify is one of the top platforms driving the digital music streaming. As a customer, it indicates you’ve got a huge number of tracks at your finger-tips, but as an artist, how are you able to use it to increase your reach?   Get Spotify for Artists That’s what you should start with. Improve your

Streaming for Musicians: The info you need to know about

As we’re confident you have listened to innumerable situations in excess of the last a number of several years, the probability of creating a living solely off of streaming earnings are slim to none. But does that signify that generating your tunes accessible on streaming products and services is pointless? Much from it. Key platforms

Top 5 Apps To Make Music On Your Phone

In the past, it was difficult to imagine producing music outside of the studio. However, the advent of technology such as the internet, computers, and smartphones has changed all that. Laptops have especially been in use for music creation, but mobiles phones are getting attention too. Now, instead of looking for a four track recorder

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