In the past, it was difficult to imagine producing music outside of the studio. However, the advent of technology such as the internet, computers, and smartphones has changed all that. Laptops have especially been in use for music creation, but mobiles phones are getting attention too. Now, instead of looking for a four track recorder and a microphone,  you can simply install some apps on your device, and create some really stellar tunes with merely your fingertips.


Whether you’re just starting out in your career, making music on your mobile can be exciting and rewarding, however, it can be pretty intimidating finding which app is best for you. With so many of them out there, we’ve researched the 5 top music production apps that can turn help you create something really special and powerful.


Apple Garageband

When it comes to making music on a mobile, the top app choice has to be Garageband. This app has been a staple for several top musicians over the years, and as people make the switch from laptops to smartphones, Garageband has followed too. It is highlighted as “essential” in the iOS app store which is a very accurate and appropriate label, even if it may seem promotional. It is packed with so many amazing features that makes it possible to make full on songs, record your voice, use sound effects, sampler, create groves, and use amps\stompbox effects. The features are just so much that they can’t all be named in just one paragraph. The only downside we found is that it’s an iOS only app, so Android and other smartphone users have to look for other options.



No argument on this one. Animoog, the music making app created by Moog, is one of the top apps you can use to make music on your phone. Described by the company as the “first professional synthesizer” for iOS devices, Animoog has all the features that justifies its $6. If you are already familiar with Moog products, then Animoog shouldn’t be a problem to get used to. It is has a really unique and easy-to-use interface which gives you ultimate creative power. Of course, there is always some learning curve involved with any new app but if you’re looking for the perfect app to take your mobile music production to the next level, this is it.


FL Studio

Well, what can we say? 18 years of continuous innovative development has turned FL Studio into probably the most complete music production app on the internet. Unlike Garageband and Animoog, FL studio also works on Android and Windows. It features rich editing tools including chopping beat slicing, audio editing, as well as pitch editing. It also has a multi-track audio recording, and a complete sound library. The interface is also very easy to use compared to other apps, and it supports several plug-ins and effects. FL Studio is packed with so many great features but as everything comes with a price, you can end up paying up to $16 if you want to add it to your music production arsenal.


Steinberg Cubasis

A lot of people turn away from this amazing app because of its $30 price tag. While this price might be hard to justify, especially for those who don’t have the funds, Steinberg Cubasis is a powerful app and is one of the most popular apps among music production professionals. Cubasis gives you several amazing features and might just be the perfect app for you. Some of the most notable ones are, unlimited audio\MIDI tracks, mixer with FX, sample and key editor, and built-in MIDI and audio loops. It may be an expensive app, but with so many features packed into one app, Cubasis is well worth the money.


Korg Kaossilator

If you’re familiar with the Kaossilator, then you’ll know how much of creative power you’ll get from this app. The app replicates the freely playable synth of the music hardware and puts almost a $300 music tool right into your hands. By simply rubbing, stroking and tapping the XY axis of the app, you can produce different sounds in the app. You can even turn you sounds into loops if you like the DJ feel. There are also several amazing visual effects that can be used in sync with the performance. The tracks can be exported as MIDI tracks so you can continue working on them in your digital audio workstation on your computer.

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